Aziz ‘Zyzz’ Sergeyevich Shavershian, a charismatic amateur bodybuilder, etched an indelible mark on the online fitness community, leaving behind a legacy that serves as both inspiration and caution. His journey from a slender teenager in 2007 to a sculpted physique in 2011 became a testament to his unwavering passion for bodybuilding, a passion that tragically ended with his untimely demise at the age of 22.

The Passion for Bodybuilding

In an illuminating interview with, Zyzz revealed how bodybuilding transformed from a pursuit of admiration to a vital component of his identity. The euphoria of pushing his limits during workouts became an integral part of his life, expressing, “I absolutely love it, the feeling of pushing out that last rep, and getting skin tearing pumps is something I don’t see myself without.”

A Heartbreaking Loss

Despite his profound passion, Zyzz’s journey was abruptly halted in August 2011, when he suffered a heart attack in a Bangkok sauna during a vacation. Rushed to a nearby hospital, attempts to resuscitate him proved futile. Autopsy results disclosed an undiagnosed heart condition and cardiomegaly as the underlying causes of the cardiac arrest. The Shavershian family, already acquainted with heart issues, received the devastating news three days after Zyzz’s passing.

Signs of a Tragedy Unnoticed

Months before his demise, Zyzz exhibited signs of a heart attack, grappling with shortness of breath and episodes of high blood pressure. Sergei Shavershian, Zyzz’s father, reflected on the profound impact his son had on people’s lives, stating, “He touched the hearts of so many people.” Tributes flooded social media, emphasizing the profound influence Zyzz had on his followers.

Speculations on Steroid Use

Post Zyzz’s death, speculation emerged regarding the potential role of steroid use in contributing to the tragedy. A spokesman for Sydney Hotshots, where Zyzz worked, mentioned steroids but highlighted Zyzz as a “lovely guy” aside from that aspect. Despite Zyzz’s denial of steroid use, references to ‘riding a bicycle’ in his videos sparked discussions about anabolic steroid use among bodybuilders.

The escalating trend of steroid and growth hormone use in Sydney during 2011 raised eyebrows. Zyzz’s brother, Said, faced legal consequences related to anabolic steroids, raising questions about the family’s connection to these substances. Despite Zyzz’s objections to being linked to the article covering his brother’s arrest, suspicions persisted.

Timely Warnings and Unheeded Advice

Reports surfaced about a New Zealand man, Tim Sharky, advising Zyzz to ‘slow down’ weeks before his death. Describing Thailand as a hub for cheap steroids, Sharky issued a cautionary message about the risks associated with the country’s accessibility to performance-enhancing substances. Despite Zyzz’s persistent denials, some believed that his refusal to acknowledge potential steroid use might have played a role in his tragic end. The controversy surrounding Zyzz’s legacy persisted, with speculations about the impact of performance-enhancing substances on his health.

A Lasting Tribute

In November 2022, Said Shavershian, also known as Chestbrah, paid homage to his brother by performing Zyzz’s famous ‘muzz out’ dance on Flume’s cover for Like a Version. The tribute served as a poignant reminder of Zyzz’s enduring impact on the fitness community and the lasting controversy surrounding his life and untimely demise.

In conclusion, Zyzz’s story is a tragic one, emphasizing the delicate balance between passion for bodybuilding and the potential risks associated with it. His legacy continues to provoke discussions in the fitness world, serving as a cautionary tale about the importance of health and well-being in the pursuit of physical transformation. Zyzz’s journey, marked by passion and tragedy, stands as a reminder that the pursuit of physical excellence must be coupled with a vigilant eye on overall well-being.